Summer at Morokolo Safari Lodge
Summer at Morokolo Safari Lodge

Summer at Morokolo Safari Lodge

The time of plenty.

At the time of writing this blog post, summer is in full swing. The rains in Pilanesberg have started, the vegetation has turn from dull brown to brilliant greens as if shrugging off the winter. The time of plenty has arrived.

It is a special period for the countless plains game and the large amount of offspring that have been born in to this green bountiful world that is the Pilanesberg at the height of summer.

The cycle of the seasons never fails to amaze me, in it one can see the beauty and hardships each of the species need to overcome or capitalize on in order to survive through to next cycle of the seasons.

For now though, life is a little easier. Impala feed freely on fresh leaves and grasses along side the many other herbivores, elephants gather in large groups to feed on the plentiful silver raisin bushes scattered all over the Black Rhino Game Reserve.

Till my next blog post, stay safe and happy holiday.

Ranger Riaan