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Answers to Frequent Questions

The average maximum temperature ranges from 21°C/70°F in July to 35°C/95°F in January, with the lowest average minimum temperature happening in July.

The region is semi-arid, with an average annual rainfall of 500mm (20in), the most of which falls during the summer months (December – February)

Rain is usually in the form of thundershowers, with a downpour that lasts no more than a few minutes.

Morokolo Safari Lodge is located on Black Rhino, a privately controlled 2100ha part of the Pilanesberg National Park, South Africa.

The animals in Pilanesberg National Park are non-migratory, as a result, rather than changing with the seasons, the safari experience continues to evolve throughout the year.

The optimal time to go birdwatching is from October to April.

Definitely! The resort welcomes guests of all ages.

Morokolo Safari Lodge in Pilanesberg National Park is located in a part of South Africa where the malaria-carrying mosquito does not live.

(Anopheles) and thus is categorized as MALARIA FREE.